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FIRST Robotics

The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics program is something I became a part of my junior year of high school.  It is a program designed to promote science and technology in today’s youth.  Each January a sort of robotics game/challenge is announced at the annual kickoff.  Each team, which is comprised of high school students, college mentors, teachers, parents, and professional engineers, receives the same kit of robotic parts.  Each team then has six weeks to design and build a very complicated 130lb machine to play the given game. The robots compete at regional competitions and then a world championship event in Atlanta.






























FIRST Robotics Photography:

Robotics 2010

Robotics 2009

Robotics 2008

Robotics 2007

Robotics 2006

Robotics 2005

Robotics 2004

From the Archives:

Robotics 2003

Robotics 2002

Robotics 2001

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