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Here are the results from my very first studio portraiture attempt.  Kait, one of my best friends, was reluctant to be the first model, but as you will see, she was fantastic.  The photos were taken in my kitchen, or as Kait called it, my “studio apartment.”

The main focus was the lighting.  It is complicated and very sensitive.  All of the shots were done using strobes.  The background was a wrinkled muslin, it is not supposed to be wrinkled, I am going to try paper next time.  I will post some more information about the process later including more detailed information on the setup and eventually more favorites from other shoots.

Thanks Kait


Here are the results from my second shoot.  Amy, who helped me pass chemistry freshman year and has since been one of my closest URI friends, was a wonderful subject. She has had some previous modeling experience and was very insightful through the process, as well as very patient.

I had a lot of difficulty with the lighting yet again.  From now on I will change the depth of field so the background is out of focus.  This was the first time I used a white background.  It was actually a window shade, it was too reflective and I spent a lot of time dodgeing the shadows out in photoshop.  I am pleased with the results and will continue to do my best.

Thanks Amy


After some time off, here are the results from my photo shoot with Brittany.  Brittany, who is one of the sweetest girls I know,  certainly had a fun time during the shoot.  She was constantly full of emotion and very insightful.  It was very difficult to convince her  hide her huge smile for the “serious” poses.

This was the first time I used a white roll of paper  for the background.  I really like the results but I had a hard time keeping it evenly lit.  Next time I am going to work on achieving more consistent lighting as well as a larger focus on the personal traits of the model.

Thanks Brittany


Kat, who I have really only gotten to know this year, is always radiant and full of energy making long days in the Union more bearable.  She was very excited, and nervous as most are, but as you can see, she is remarkably photogenic.  I look forward to working with her again.

I am still working on lighting, which will always be the most difficult aspect.  Although I feel I have improved, I seem to be running into the same problems and not finding a solution for them just yet.  I am starting to get used to the white background, I like it more than the black, I just need to work on lighting it more flush.

Thanks Kat


Ashley was probably more excited about her photo shoot, before, during, and after, than I could have asked for.  As one of the silliest girls I know, she was all smiles and very proactive during the whole process.  As you will see, her photos show off her vibrant and enthusiastic personality.

I attempted some new angles with in this photo shoot.  Although, subtle, I believe they did have an impact on the overall composition of the photos.  Also, in a few photos, I shot with a very small depth of field (DOF) getting rid of that wrinkly black background.

Thanks Ashley


Emily has gotten me back into the swing of things.  She was funny and energetic and taught me that serious faces are not always the way to go.  She was the first model to have an audience and although challenging at times, it really helped mix things up a bit.

So far this is one of the best-lit photo shoots I have done.  It was very consistent and really shows photo after photo.  I think I want to start focusing more on the models expressions.  I need to find a way to make them laugh and smile without it being “fake.”  People, like Emily, have so much expression to show and I need to find a way to capture it.

Thanks Emily


Sara has been very patient with me throughout the process, as well as all of the recent models.  I originally asked Sara because I could tell she was confident, rightfully so, and the photos display that characteristic .  Sara stands out amongst others and I think she stands out here as well.

Again, I am very pleased with the lighting, it is consistent and the shots are nice and bright.  Sara was the first to sit on the white paper, I think this came out awesome and you will see it again.  I do need to work on some of those lower shadows.

Thanks Sara


Shana was a fantastic model whose photos display her outgoing, energetic, and exciting personality.  She provided me with artistic feedback and her experience with photography was very helpful.  At times I struggled keeping up with her and all of the great ideas she had during the shoot.

I was able to try a few different poses and angles in this photo shoot.  I think that I should try and steer clear of the norm and be more creative.  I attempted to use a fan on a previous shoot but it was not strong enough so for this one I tried a much more powerful fan and I think it worked great.

Thanks Shana


Jen came to me asking if I needed more photos and I jumped on such a sweet opportunity.  She was a blast to take photos of and they came out great.  She displayed a fun and exciting attitude towards the whole process.  She also has a very photogenic smile, which you will see, looks beautiful.

One of my background lights blew while we were shooting with the white background causing me to have to improvise.  I have now switched from fluorescent lights on the background to strobes, which is what I use for the main and fill.  I hope this will solve all of the problems I have been having with the white sheet.

Thanks Jen


Mike is the first male model I have had for modeling shoot.  I must say, I was a little nervous about it at first but it was actually a lot of fun.  Mike brought a hair stylist with him who cut his hair twice in my bathroom.  His photos came out fantastic, they are artistic yet simple and professional.

The black background came out perfect in these photos.  I love how it does not show at all, it is completely out of focus.  I kept the lighting simple, not that much rearranging was involved.  I would have liked some stronger light on his hair, is slightly gets lost in the background, but I did not have a strong enough source.

Thanks Mike