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About Me

My father has owned and run a camera shop for the past 35 years and so I was introduced to photography at an early age. I did not really take off with it until my freshman year of high school (1998). However, since then, it has been my biggest passion.

Today I try an take photos of everything. Here at the University of Rhode Island I have made a small reputation as being the local photographer. Student organizations and different administrators has requested me to photograph their events. As of now, I simply do it as a favor (90% of the time free of charge).  I am working on making an official business out of it.

Because of this I have changed my major from electrical engineering to Business Management & Marketing. Although I enjoy engineering and I still love robotics, I lost too much interest in it and it became apparent that I still love photography.

A few years ago I had a lot of free time and I was able to experiment with photography a great deal. I have also worked very hard to purchase some very high quality equipment. I am not a professional, My photos have plenty of flaws, things break and I mess up, as long as I am enjoying it, that is what matters right now.

As graduation approaches I have started to focus more on establishing a small photography business.  I realize how difficult this is and will not be completly banking on it and because of this I only want it to be part time right now.












More Information


Check out my professional resume which I have posted on this site.  I will try and keep it updated for potential employers.

Professional resume


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